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  • Listening to: Na Na Na
  • Reading: Your mind
  • Watching: You sleep
  • Playing: With your head
  • Eating: Your pain
  • Drinking: your tears
I'm going to be a little slow uploading work. Aside from finding about zero motivation to complete a lot of my pieces.

The worst part of everything is that I only have my mac to work with and I have to wait until the new power cord arrives...I hope it arrives anyway.. I Don't think it's the right one but it was relatively cheap so we'll see...

Anyway, if it doesn't work then I need to go to a computer store and purchase a cord... I suppose the part that makes me overly depressed about it all is that it's so dead I can't even get my files off of it... I managed to get my artwork that I finished off of it, but as far as all of my other work goes, I don't know what to do.

I'm going to try and get the cord to charge it just a little bit so I might be able to get my files so I can do my work, but for the mean time, I'm kind of screwed...guess that's what I get for not backing everything up like every other person in the world always does every time with every file...

Anyway, Aside from the computer issues, and no motivation to do my work, I also have very little inspiration as what to draw and any time I get an idea, I can't make it look right which ruins my mind about it all but, oh well...

We'll see where everything goes... -sighs- My e-book for class is on my computer.... fuck.
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Submitted on
October 27, 2012